Advertise with Us is part of the Cyprus Lettings Group registered in England and Wales as Worldwide Lettings Limited.

The main features and benefits of marketing your property with Cyprus Lettings are:

* We are a UK registered company specialising exclusively in the rental of holiday properties in Paphos.
* Your property will feature on our 2 leading websites for maximum exposure: and
* We are positioned on Page One (and in many cases No.1) of Google for the search terms:
  "limnaria gardens"  and "limnaria villas"
* In the last 12 months we made over 500 bookings for properties on limnaria gardens and villas which makes us the leading booking
   agents for the complex
* Because we specialise on properties only in Paphos we can offer expert advice to both owners and guests on the Paphos marketplace.
   We are a young company and are already the market leader specialising in Paphos holiday rentals.
* Our service is on a non-exclusive, ‘no contract’ basis so there is total flexibility in the amount of business that we do together.
   We will provide you with the full details of every guest so that you are in as much control of the bookings as you would be if
   you had made it yourself.
* We accept all major credit cards and we are also able to take payments for last minute bookings.
* We deal with all the telephone and email enquiries from potential guests.
* We profile your property to our website, including full description and photographs.
* We issue your guests with booking conditions, directions and arrival instructions.
Our trusted staff are based less than 2 minutes away from the complex giving you total peace of mind.
* We maintaining telephone or email contact with your guests from the first enquiry until they leave for Cyprus.

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