How to Book accommodation

* Select the property and note the property reference

* Use the price calculator in the property details to see the rental price and also the deposit required to book

* Read our booking 
terms and conditions

* Once you are ready to make payment complete the 
booking form

* After completing the booking form you will automatically be redirected to Barclaycards secure site to make payment


* The balance must be paid at least 13 weeks prior to the hire commencement date and can be paid by bank transfer or directly at any branch of Barclays Bank free of any surcharges. The Booking Administration fee of 2.9% of the total rental will automatically be added to the balance. If your booking is made within 13 weeks or less from your departure date you will receive email notification that the balance is due immediately

* When making the balance or full payment you will also have the option of booking Accidental Damage Waiver cover and Airport Transfers

* All confirmations will be sent to you by email

Please use the contact us form if you have any further questions on our booking procedure